The Artist Known As Cookie


Artist Bio

Michael Cook was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1986 , as his father was stationed in the military there. By the time he was four years old, his family moved to Los Angeles, Ca. Michael’s family moved around a lot within the suburbs of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties but spent his whole life enjoying what L.A - the city had to offer.

As a child, he spent most of his days, glued to a television set watching for hours all kinds cartoons and other 90's classics. By the time he was about 8 years old, Michael told his father he wanted to be an animator and do voices for cartoons. He began studying the art of character design and spent years trying to develop his own unique characters. Michael was also into football and was a success player thru out high school. However in the end, his focus was always only on design and worked endless hours learning the fundamentals of creative design and classic illustration.

After he graduated college, Michael spent almost two years working under a well established Urban Artist Justin Bua. It wasn't until this point that his career started to take shape as he began to understand a higher level of thinking when it came to illustration and conceptualism. Michael began to get excited and wanted to create his own stories and brand that would have an impact on culture the way BUA's had.

After Michael quit working for BUA, he started experimenting with the name Cookie and wanted to be the only artist in the world that was known as Cookie. AKA Cookie actually stands for The Artist Known As Cookie.  People really began to love his work as it reminded them of the cartoons they watched as children bringing that nostalgic feelings back to them. He continues to perfect the designs of his characters and elevate them in a way that can honor the artists who inspired his work. Michael envisions innovating the animation industry with something new someday.  In 2013, Michael and started a media design company called The Street Art Loft with his friend and business partner Lori Monaco.  Together they have been producing events, still and motion media content, and even some animations for corporate companies. Their goal is to someday build a team to help take Michael's animation concepts to a new level. 

Over the past ten years, Michael has also finished a Masters Degree in Media Design, Art Directed many video productions, painted murals and productions for major brands and celebrities. Every year he will continue to take his work to the next level, with larger productions and works of art that can transport his audiences to his world.


* If you are interested in acquiring an original work of art by Michael Cook, please submit a request through the contact page.


SDSU 2009:  BA Painting and Printmaking - (Emphasis on Illustration and Art History and Modern Design)

Gnomon Visual Effects 2010- 2011 - Creative Suite  and Character Design

Full Sail University 2016 -  MFA Media Design (Emphasis on Brand Development and Media Art Direction)